ying yang

i feel your promises
as i see your prayers
i see your smiles
as i feel your sorrows

there’s a world within
and a world without
even with this warmth
under this blanket of filth

open your heart
and discard your niceties
be raw and benign
and let the light in

i am as temporary as you
i am as permanent as you
you are as broken as me
you are as whole as me

like for like
tit for tat

twelve eyes

sometimes we look at the world and see everything
sometimes we walk the world and feel nothing
but know
for where you falter
your eyes will compensate in seeing
what you cannot

although we forget
that others are watching us
and seeing everything
or feeling nothing
there are twelve eyes
that you do not meet
though they exist
and see what you will not


you, just like a grain of sand
will be coated by this world’s perfections
when you are being rejected

a grain of sand
and this world an oyster
as you find yourself trapped
in a new realm
understand the conditioning
of your imperfections
allow the iridescence
to polish your aura

they say we’re only human, and we laugh at their foolishness

I know

even if my body cracks into infinite pieces, I know my soul is intact
even if my worlds crumble, I know my universe is whole
even if my heart shatters, I know my spirit is unscathed

for this place and its atrocities are not of my welkin

I cannot set up camp

because I do not plan to stay here


a time has come
where the unanticipated settles
it unveils itself in the unlikeliest form
and uncovers itself slowly

for it is a message from the skies
from what we feel and love
and it shows us plenty
of the mechanics of our hearts

what we know can be a curse
but a pleasure nonetheless
and what we don’t know is a blessing
for bounties can be unraveled

we are addled beings
waiting for our next fix
we are strength and weakness
of a love uncanny but desolate

one day you will see
how your demons can be silenced
and through no clear line
but one for the sake of the painter

perfect stranger

a cloud passes above me

and fog settles around

I used to be scared of its presence

and of the chance of rain

but now I welcome it

for the limits of the foreseeable

are also a blessing in disguise

because not only can I not see what is in front of me

I also cannot see what is behind

and the travelled road

is torturous

but there’s a hand I hold when I leave this world

and it gives me hope

hope like no other

hope that reincarnates

in every moment

in every breath

it gives me strength

when I see nothing at all

because one day

I will see you


there’s something that I feel today

something I haven’t felt in a long time

it’s like a noose around my neck

it’s snug

but it hasn’t suffocated me yet

this world and its entrapments

this world and its illusions

I can’t partake in this race

I can’t partake in this profound foolishness

I see you all walking

with your heads in the gutters

with your sorrows and guilt

with your emptiness and ploys

and I struggle

because being around you pulls me down

I don’t want to be in those gutters

believing that I’m on clouds

I have no room in me for deception

I have no energy for falsities

but you keep walking

and you keep spending

and I hope that your temporary joys

and man made highs

are enough to help you sleep

and I wonder

if your wanders

mean anything at all

and if you too are ever awake

with this noose of this world

struggling to rest

as you carry everyone’s pain

because I hope you’re not


be careful who you share your duvet with, a blanket of sorts, to protect the integration of dreams

and the dreams of different worlds may have the same consequences as two planets colliding

be careful who you share your duvet with, a blanket of sorts, you may want to keep it to yourself

I live for…

I live for coffee in the mornings, the rays breaking through the clouds, the layers of clouds that give body to the sky, the birdsong in spring, the moment I switch my lamp off, the feeling I get when you finish the last page of a book, fictional characters that steal my heart, the innocence of children’s laughs, waking up without an alarm, mornings when energy is expendable, nights full of hope, tears of joy and remorse, heartbreaks that revolutionise, the ever so rare moment of clarity, dreams that become nothing, letters of forgotten promises, boxes of old memoirs, scraggy jumpers that last 10 winters, perfumes that take you back to a hellish reality, and smiles that make your eyes wrinkle.

because humans are inconsistent.


and my mind falters, for you are too engrained for me to surface, though if you did surface, you would be temporary

glances scream a thousand truths when you look
because you see what was, what is, and what will be

and every so often, I’m wrapped and dissolved in your energies
so I have the strength to fight another season.

solemn serenity

I am smiling at myself today
There’s no wish left in this heart
Or perhaps there is no heart left
Free from all desire
I sit quietly like Earth
My silent cry echoes like thunder
Throughout the universe
I am not worried about it
I know it will be heard by no one
Except me.

~ Rumi

 the seasons rebalance and we sit quietly
who knew that the devil could be silenced?

they talked

so he asked her why she does not listen to him anymore
and she said her angels block her ears from the devil’s wrath

so he asked her why she does not look at him anymore
and she said that even the most beautiful things of this world wither in poor light

so he asked her why she does not touch him anymore
and she said that her hands exude love, but he was full of his own

so he tried to silence her
and she walked, knowing that this chapter in her prophecy just ended.


and sometimes, the nostalgia returns
the memory of you, through my rose tints
and perhaps, that’s how it should stay
because a filter makes it picturesque
and maybe, if I keep thinking like that
it will rewrite the past
and then, this history will be rosy
without your demons at my throat
and so, one day
I can thank you for being my foe