I never could see below the clouds
my harmony of detachment
I never felt myself superior
though reclusiveness was a pleasure
I never enjoyed the company of others
the forceful interactions drained
I never opened my heart
though it never had been closed

I am not one of spoken words,
and it looks like, neither are you


the moon’s rainbow 

it would be foolish of us to place all of our hopes and wishes on the sun for such beauties

the moon will also marvel in light, but mostly, you’re too busy dancing with the nonpareils to notice

where did you go?

words fail when they are needed most, illusions blind and demons deafen

there was stillness, just calm – a life half lived, but it was quiet. just how I like it.

I see you stumbling, wondering how it all fell, and which bits of detritus to pick up.

You see me looking, watching you trying to deflect: I am trying to see you.

I do want to ask you where you went, but I also need to know when you got here.