is this it?

the seconds and minutes pass by like tomorrow has already begun and we count the days like the year has already passed us by and through all of this we lose count of what our cherubs bring but rather hold account on how often the devil falters us with his satanic ways

of course this is all it will amount to
when your mind doesn’t contain what he drew
which of your lords favours will you deny?
which of your secrets never form a lie?
stumble like you’ve never stumbled
walk like you’ve never walked
love like there is no later
and smile for the maker

where can there be wrong when no ill gotten gain was foreseen?

tiresome tuesday

there’s a feeling I have
some words to be said
I cannot say
nor can I think
what holds me captive
what holds me sincere
but it’s an anchor no less
of this world of sin

won’t you free me now
won’t you let me fly

no one’s watching

even when I’m standing still I lose my balance
but what is balance where there is no gravity
where there is no force, there is no ground
and where there is no ground, we cease to be grounded

maybe you should stop telling me to get my head out of the clouds
maybe you should join me up here
maybe you need to lose your force
or maybe, just maybe, you need that ground of obscenities to feel pure