donde estas?

where are the souls that leave us be? where are the beauties that set us free?
we wander and wonder what life will bring, but we fail entirely to see the spring
I question the noise as I question the laughter, they tell me it’s all just banter
I can’t see your faces nor look at your eyes, you hide behind an ill disguise
your worlds of false beckon my worlds of true, then mountains crumble and epiphanies accrue
and then I smile, knowing that the world has changed, no sorrow lost, no love estranged
where do you find such pitiful delights? in the moon at night with no one in sight?
speak clear and loud, stumble with joy, share not your thoughts, nor your coy
spread kindness and truth when you flutter your lips, do you realise not that your soul slips?
your noise of day dulls the air some more, isn’t there enough in this polluted galore?

close the silence, keep it still, breath in the air, and see them swill

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