stray from what you know, from the rights and wrongs, from the rituals, it’s all their hearsay. 

there’s a voice inside you, and a heart that channels, it tells you what works, listen to it sometimes. 

reclaim your nonpareils. 

perfect stranger

a cloud passes above me

and fog settles around

I used to be scared of its presence

and of the chance of rain

but now I welcome it

for the limits of the foreseeable

are also a blessing in disguise

because not only can I not see what is in front of me

I also cannot see what is behind

and the travelled road

is torturous

but there’s a hand I hold when I leave this world

and it gives me hope

hope like no other

hope that reincarnates

in every moment

in every breath

it gives me strength

when I see nothing at all

because one day

I will see you