be careful who you share your duvet with, a blanket of sorts, to protect the integration of dreams

and the dreams of different worlds may have the same consequences as two planets colliding

be careful who you share your duvet with, a blanket of sorts, you may want to keep it to yourself

I live for…

I live for coffee in the mornings, the rays breaking through the clouds, the layers of clouds that give body to the sky, the birdsong in spring, the moment I switch my lamp off, the feeling I get when you finish the last page of a book, fictional characters that steal my heart, the innocence of children’s laughs, waking up without an alarm, mornings when energy is expendable, nights full of hope, tears of joy and remorse, heartbreaks that revolutionise, the ever so rare moment of clarity, dreams that become nothing, letters of forgotten promises, boxes of old memoirs, scraggy jumpers that last 10 winters, perfumes that take you back to a hellish reality, and smiles that make your eyes wrinkle.

because humans are inconsistent.


there’s a fire that burns, while you soar in circles, the wind isn’t helping, and the flames engulf
should I tell you now, should I tell you later, the world is mine, I’ll leave no love undiscovered


it rushes by us, we have no retreat, even your corner, doesn’t fall short of greed, and so we play in our minds, of what could be, even though, all is not what you see, our paths are wanderlust, our hearts are heavy, our eyes are seeing, our minds unsteady, you know not our strides, nor our fears, you know not our pride, nor our dears, but we see it all, your pits and joys, hold back your wrath, hold back your ploys 

now and again

have you any dreams you’d like to sell? dreams of loneliness.

some days I see your face
some days I see what I became
some days I see the falsities
some days I see the truth

but everyday, I see how much my dreams scared you, and how there is nothing left to stop me