flicker of his light 

encapsulated it all

and he surrounds me

reluctant if some

I lost my balance

surrendering to safety 

and the shield formed 

as the world left us no doubt 

I found my balance 


a kindred stranger

holds me closer than angels

my stone walls crumble

why have women become men?

amorous masochist

traditionally, men are breadwinners and logical, and women are caregivers and emotional; there has been a great imbalance in the world and there are now many blurred lines and grey areas in this matter. obviously, I do not speak for everyone in saying this, it is a very wide generalisation from my experiences.

throughout the development of time and society, women, being the adaptable and fluid like beings that they are, have become more and more versatile from the shortfalls in men. I believe in traditional roles, strongly, I want a man who is a breadwinner and to put a roof over my head and put food on the table whilst I build our home, and nurture him and our offspring; basics. BUT, however, the paradigms of the universe have shifted. women have to be men to make up for the shortcomings in todays men; they are women. now I’m…

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and my mind falters, for you are too engrained for me to surface, though if you did surface, you would be temporary

glances scream a thousand truths when you look
because you see what was, what is, and what will be

and every so often, I’m wrapped and dissolved in your energies
so I have the strength to fight another season.

satanic ways

sometimes it’s nice to drown those voices

I questioned him about heaven and his voice faltered as his eyes shifted
what else could upset the devil so much?

I questioned his noise and he questioned my silence
and I stared at him blank praying that my demons would not scream like his

I wonder about him sometimes, but then I stop
because if anything, that hell is too hot for me