they talked

so he asked her why she does not listen to him anymore
and she said her angels block her ears from the devil’s wrath

so he asked her why she does not look at him anymore
and she said that even the most beautiful things of this world wither in poor light

so he asked her why she does not touch him anymore
and she said that her hands exude love, but he was full of his own

so he tried to silence her
and she walked, knowing that this chapter in her prophecy just ended.


and sometimes, the nostalgia returns
the memory of you, through my rose tints
and perhaps, that’s how it should stay
because a filter makes it picturesque
and maybe, if I keep thinking like that
it will rewrite the past
and then, this history will be rosy
without your demons at my throat
and so, one day
I can thank you for being my foe

memoirs of such

that voice resonates
and shakes my world
as it takes me back
to the pit of my darkness
and so I delve further
to the first day
and my heart hurts
because that soul died long ago
but I kept trying to resuscitate it

one day
I looked at you
and wished for nothing more
one day
I looked at you
and wished for everything less

My Dear Little Narcissist

forgive my sins.

First of all, I don’t hate you. I have every reason to, considering the way you treated me. The way you tore me apart and then so quickly tried to put the pieces back together. I was so patient with you, I gave you love and support while you gave me nothing but misery. It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally figured you out. I don’t blame you; I pity you… I really do.

I sometimes wonder why or more-so how I managed to stay with you for so long. Four long years. I think deep down there was always a part of me that knew our relationship was going nowhere. Still, there was another part of me that hoped and prayed that someday you’d realize what you had in front of you and what you were destroying. I hoped that if I showed you what love…

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