as I asked for your help, you returned a mendacity
as you now fly your way, I leave this city
as you pick your supply, I count my blessings
as you feel no remorse, I bless my testings

flutter your wings, soar higher than before, because darling you don’t know, when you’re going to burst into flames

the other sun

and then I saw his face
the freckles encrusted upon his crooked nose
the hues of autumn in his hollow eyes
the thin rosy lips tattooed with a mark
the sullen cheeks and a jaw too strong
and hair in a tidy mess
as life got him wrong
so I fell into his emptiness
with no intention to leave
and woke five springs later
without a care to please


and the psithurism is hellish
doubt and denial strong
how can we fight what is above us?
the gales break through the eternal grasp
make it the yester
as you walk around bewildered
keep looking, observe
the crisp dew of the calm after the storm, enchanting
but as the sun’s rays bounce off the destruction
you will see
everything has changed