half empty half full

I look at you again, 
dear consort, 
but I see you not. 
we try again, 
loved one, 
but I see it not. 
You say it will get better, 
kind liar, 
but I think not. 

my world you were, 
a continent you are, 
a desolate cave you will be. 
I wish this not,
for a pledge I took, 
and my being assigned. 

what I cannot comprehend is why the trees have other plans for me, 
when they know where it all lies. 

universe of ours, 
hold the almighty
in their duty of care
through our time of need. 
rebuild these bridges, 
enlighten the consort, 
and flower this path we endeavour. 

sweet beloved, 
hold some hope
and send a prayer. 
I have another plan for us. 

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