as our lives are the pivots of our beings, there comes a day when the flow is redirected entirely; this does not station, merely reinforces another flux

to hold back is to abstain, from the mildest focuses of our daily endeavours
it is these very endeavours that blind us of our worldly privileges
a connection is established and a road becomes apparent
a road that you may have longed for, but never seemed to pass
once you are on this road, you search further, and your soul within yourself
it was there all along, but you were not

how to refrain from your once perceived longing is not an effort,
a mere joy and quite the contrary of what it should be
should you know when to fly, or tie your empty promise
though you do know what to do, you cannot
hold it dear, and send it to above for only the Glorious can guide
await your sealed sign, the Almighty has a plan for you yet

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