a time in life

it is now, it surely is, when the poetic justifications are solely applicable to you
and everything is as it should be
you are reading what is pre-written for you
and you are seeing what is pre-determined for you
what can you deem an accident when such intricacy was used to thread the seams
of this very path
golden seams, encrusted with the mightiest precious stones that look like pebbles
if you see it in all its glory, you can revel to its music
and that music, was pre-composed for you

you cannot leave this prophecy, you cannot surrender it
for you have capitulated yourself to this soul, this being
in the hope for a kind of reciprocal nature, and hope dies last
so there are prayers, for some awakening of the mate to comprehend this
and comprehend he will, I say, for hope dies last

why enunciate those stanzas if your exertion is partial
we can wait, and pray for snow in our desert
for hope is all we have


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