moving mind

an antevasin by definition, yet the underrated entity remains

where to begin, or where to end
the life of a wretched, symbolic and fruitful wend
though you see it not, the trueness of it awakens,
though you see it not, the pacemaker shuns
and if your mind was moving, you would choose otherwise,
that this too, is a blessing in disguise
but here we are, with ugly truths on the table,
I would call it hypocrisy, but lets forget that label
for the omnipotent clarifies yet again,
and we stumble intoxicated into his den

though you see it not, as an opening for growth,
you see it simply, as a recall of oath
but my consort, must you rely upon those vows,
when you breach what the concept endows
I fear it not, your desolate life,
for I for one, am no stranger to strife
and these very battles consume me no doubt,
yet they prepared me for this very, flimsy bout
and I stand yet again, ridiculed by your insecurity,
determined again, to be reduced to purity
and I hold my power, because that’s what occurs,
when you fulfil your mendacities, the credence blurs

and now I retreat, with all this good, showing no clemency, just the contrition I should

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